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Virled is an engineering and technology based company, operating on a global basis, with supporting companies and organisations of all sizes, with Lighting Improvement Solutions and Lighting Management using LED-products with long life-time and low energy consumption.
Lighting management is a philosophy focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy by using state of the art technology as LED light sources and solar cell units to replace traditionally high energy consuming lamps and devices.

Virled focus mainly on using low energy consuming products, such as LED light sources and solar cells.

Our mission is to provide our clients with guidance, technology and products to enable lighting improvements in a structured and inspired way.

Who we are

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Virled is a high technology engineering company focusing on delivering high quality products and services. We are easy to work with and can provide both standard LED-lamps and light sources as well as tailored products, applications and engineering services. We have an extensive portfolio of products and solutions to support a structured approach to improve your lighting environment and make the results sustainable. We are passionate for what we do!
We are open-minded and always looking for the best solution to solve the need of our customers.

Key points

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Why to consider us as your partner

Virled provides a unique capability of multi-specialist skills very different from those found in many other engineering and service companies. We have our own resources, with long engineering experience from design and installation of lighting products, that is backed up with a network of partners in Europe and Asia to deliver exactly the products you need to the right cost. We can assist you all the way from initial idea to final delivery ensuring your lighting project will be successful.
The combination of our extensive technological know-how and operational experience widens the scope of opportunities open to the client.

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Our core capabilities

Virled define its business based on core technologies, such as LED light sources and electronic drivers for both low and high voltage applications that fulfil all national and international electrical safety standards. We have the know-how to design and supply products for special or high demanding applications outside the standard assortment usually available. We design and sell lighting solutions driven by solar cells for stand-alone applications or as a complement to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. Virled have both software and hardware competence to provide intelligent lighting control applications for any type of environment, including mobile and wireless solutions.
It is a continuous dynamic process to adopt ones knowledge and core competencies and develop the offerings and supply chain in accordance with strategic goals that is well synchronised with customers needs and expectations. Our organisational efforts are aligned to serve our customers with high quality LED products and services.

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email: info@virled.com