Virled focus mainly on three technological areas, LED Lamps & Light Sources, Solar Cells and Programmable Control Units & Applications.

We deliver high quality general and special designed products and training programs backed based on state of the art technologies and methodologies,

Below you can read about what Programs we provide to our clients.

Improvement Programs

Lighting Improvement Program

To launch a Lighting Improvement (LI) Program is often a part of an organisation's effort to save energy and to reduce cost. Focus will be on replacing standard lamps with new efficient LED lamps and launch Kaizen teams to further identify and reduce energy losses and set standards for the daily work. In other parts of the company a Lighting Improvement Program can be the first way to train staff in structured methods, i.e. to set targets and use a project plan to achieve these. The same concept can later be used to identify and save energy in other areas as well.
Virled assist you to quickly identify key areas suitable to start up and manage a Lighting Improvement Program well linked to your company’s overall strategy to be more cost efficient and competitive.

Energy Reduction Program

To engage in Energy Reduction (ER) is not only a way to save costs temporarily, it is part of a sustainable approach to maintain the business long term and reducing the carbon footprint the same time. By mapping the energy consumption and benchmark against best in class companies or design theoretical models of ones machines and facilities, the company can evaluate potential savings. The difficulties often lies in time consuming and manually and accurately measure and collect the data, which an automated system for collecting and monitoring energy consumption can quickly and easily manage.
Virled will help you to map your energy consumption and define suitable benchmark figures to evaluate the potential savings and furthermore assists with products, systems and methods for measure and control energy and to eradicate unnecessary consumption.

Daily Control & Performance Measurement Program

Daily Control (DC) is a very practical concept to communicate and visualise daily performance and can be used in any part of an organisation, both on the shop floor and in an office environment. The owner of Daily Control is the Process Control Leader (PCL) or office manager. The basic idea is daily or weekly tracking of important KPI's, e.g. energy consumption to be able to quickly identify deviations between planned usage compared to an actual and take immediate actions to get back on track.
Virled will help you to map your processes and define suitable KPI's to monitor and guide you in designing a Daily Control System that is simple to implement and use.

Training & Education Program

We know that it takes time to be an expert in any subject you want to master, e.g. ask any athlete and the answer is, often more than ten years. However, we seldom know how long time it takes to learn basic skills to perform daily work. The reason is quite simple, we seldom define or map what vital skills are needed to do the job in best possible way or how we could track and measure competence in a practical way to secure both theoretical understanding and that people are actually able to do what is expected also in reality.
Virled will assist in building up a training system with methods and tools to, in a structured way, define, train and measure all competences needed for your staff to perform well in their daily work.

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