Virled focus mainly on three technological areas, LED Lamps & Light Sources, Solar Cells and Programmable Control Units & Applications.

We deliver high quality general and special designed products and training programs backed based on state of the art technologies and methodologies,

Below you can read about what Consulting & Installation Services we provide to our clients.

Consulting Services

Lighting Design

To design a new kitchen or a large manufacturing plant are different but in both cases you need a thoughtful lighting design to secure that electrical safety standards are met and that your lighting environment match the operational needs. Other parameters to take into account can be total cost, i.e. looking at both initial purchasing cost vs. life time cost and maintenance.
Virled has experience and methods to assist you designing a lighting installation fulfilling all requirements you may have. We can deliver blueprints and/or be your speaking parter in analysing your overall lighting design.
We may also provide you with the expertise to measure existing lighting installations and provide recommendations how to improve, should it be needed.

Virled have the competence and network to provide you with tailor-made lamps and lighting sources and drivers and can support you the whole way, from the initial idea and design phase, coordination of sourcing and manufacturing and finally delivery of the products.

Lighting Management

Lighting management is focusing on total cost of a companies lighting installations and proper use of it, i.e. not only how much is cost to buy and install, e.g. LED lamps, but also the maintenance and energy cost during the entire lifetime and correct use of lighting to enhance operational processes.
Virled supports companies striving for taking full control of their lighting installations in their operations and processes, e.g. by securing staff working to standards and by introducing methods and tools for identifying and eradicating root causes to performance problems caused.

Virled assists companies to build up a Lighting Management System linking, e.g. energy consumption to main KPI's (top-down, and make it possible to effectively monitor daily/weekly/monthly/ usage and/or building the loss-intelligence system to identify energy losses and waste(bottom-up) making it possible reaching year-end targets.

Energy Optimization

In the word of today companies need to review their carbon footprint and reduce where it is possible, and hence a well-defined energy optimization program must be put high on the agenda. However, it is often very difficult to understand where to start, e.g. investing in lower consumption light units and other devices or how to save energy in current installations.
Virled helps companies to review their current energy consumption on equipment and facilities and train people in methods how to reduce energy.

Virled do also provide intelligent building control systems, sensors and other products, and can take care of installation of both hardware and software and care for commissioning and maintenance.

Supply & Installation

Managing electrical installations of lighting equipment and/or solar cells and other equipment requires both planning and experience as there are many things that can go wrong with delays and extra cost as an unwanted result. You need to secure that the supply chain delivers products just in time when they are to be installed to avoid tying up capital or risk quality issues and discrepancy during storage.
Virled are using a structured Supply Chain approach to secure smooth and efficient supply of goods just in time when needed for use or installation. We deliver either directly from own warehouse or import products directly without middlemen to manage lead-times effectively. All activities are mapped and risks are mitigated accordingly, e.g. having our own quality control of imported products.

Virled can also supply and manage resources through our network for doing all the installation work, i.e. full service projects.


Project Management

To run a complex project, e.g. introducing and installing new technology or launch an improvement project needs preparation and reliable methods to manage the tasks properly. Project management aims breaking down the project in blocks and activities, put these on a time line and manage the tasks on the critical line carefully.
Virled train or assist Project Management in all phases, i.e. from an idea or decision, how to form a steering committee or setting up a project office, how to identify key activities and measurements to track results, how to make the final project plan and what support the project need all the way to final completion.

Virled have professional Project Managers that can take on the role to lead your installations or improvement projects, should you require.

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